Video Marketing

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Advertise Your Business Online - 24/7

Our newest offering are these stunning video commercials shot in studio and featuring professional spokes people.  By your business having one of these very unique commercials it shows the public that you are a professional and it gives you amazing credibility.  These are very affordable as a basic commercial begins at $397 and that, by any measure is incredible!   [Details Here]

Become the Local Authority

By appearing on one of our nearly famous Hollywood/CNN Style expose' interview shows like "Your Health Today", "Local Business Weekly", Local Medical Experts" and others.  On these shows, we feature a professional host, prime-time graphics and editing and a format that has proven over and over again that it drives people to picking up the phone to call the expert who we are featuring.  [Details Here]

Show Off Your Great Reputation

You've built a great reputation with your business and now it's time for the world to know.  With our uniquely crafted Reputation Commercials, we can highlight one of your great reviews in an amazing way!  The review can come from an online source, an email or even a personal letter written to you.  We'll show off your reputation in a way that few people have ever seen! [Details Here]

30 Sec. to 2 Min. Commercials For Online or TV

We've carefully produced "Complete Video Templates" that you can edit and create your own commercials.  We include the templates, images and even instructions on how to edit these incredibly well produced commercials.  If you would prefer to have use do the heavy lifting then we'll be happy to do that for you!  Visit our [Video Template Store]

Special "DEAL" Commercials!

An incredibly NEW way to advertize your latest and greatest deals to the locals or the world... [Check Back Soon]