entrepreneur-593362_1280 Our business revolves around our core values.  We will always lead with value and execute with consistency.  Our customers are much more than just customers, they become our friends because we truly care about them and their businesses.  Our goal is to help each and every one of our customers to grow their business by driving new patients to their offices every month. Our business really began back in 2007 when we were 100% focused on web-design and helping businesses bring their old outdated websites into the present.  David Englert was doing nearly all of the work himself during the early stages of growth.  Shortly after that we began to add Search Optimization to our services to help our clients brand new websites get found on Google.  This was very valuable and we could see how our client’s businesses were growing and growing from our hard work.

In 2011 things began to change because Google decided that they were going to put more emphasis on reputation and online reviews.  We realized that even though our client’s websites were showing up at the top of Google, if they didn't have a 5 star reputation they were losing potential sales. Competitors who weren't even on page 1, but had reviews and a 5 star reputation were capturing the business.  We felt that we needed to put reputation first and Google positioning second so we revamped our entire business to develop new technologies and strategies. Also in 2011 our company became a partnership that helped to move things forward and develop some best practices.  Lots of ideas came from having different opinions which at the time was quite valuable.

Since 2012 we have focused on helping our customers to manage, build and marketing their reputation to gain more new patients. We've been developing and adding new technologies and continue to do so.  We also have a goal to be able to add more value with technologies and services without increasing our pricing. Portrait with shadowMoving into 2015 David Englert gained control of the company and realized that something was happening that create a win-win for both our customer and us. New strategies were tested and logged and we found a new method of driving leads and business to our clients. We’ve not only cracked the Google code, but Bing and Yahoo as well! We have a proprietary method of driving both calls and inquiries to our client’s businesses and it’s fool-proof. If our client needs more business, we can dial it up for them.


Mark_SuterMark is a digital marketing expert with nearly 25 yrs. experience in local marketing. His main expertise is in funnels and list building and Mark is available to help our clients with these difficult tasks and strategies.




We have an amazing team of designers and programmers who are capable of nearly anything that we need to do to help our clients succeed.  We would like to introduce you to a couple of our senior designers and programmers.

Marita is an amazing designer with a creative imagination!  She's beenMarita T Cropped Framed designing and building websites for 7 yrs.  and really enjoys her work.  Our clients are always pleased with the final product.  We like to just turn her lose and allow her creativeness to flow.



MannyManny is our technical genius, seemingly able to build and create anything that we can dream up or our clients would need for their businesses.  He's a web designer, programmer and coder.  He brings lots of energy and determination to get the job done right and on schedule.  We're very happy to have Manny on our team.



Kenn is our do it all guy. Whatever you ask of him he's never been known to grumble or tell you that he can't do it.  He's a quick master of new tasks and credits Jesus for all he is and has. Kenn enjoys his motorcycle and seeing new things when he's not working. He's a huge blessing to our team.



Luella is our genius content writer. She's extremely creative and specializes in SEO-targeted content for various niche topics. She enjoys writing for blogs and loves the chance to learn something new on every project. She aspires to be a lawyer someday, but also studies programming every chance she gets. In her spare time, she loves playing with her dog, "Scrat" and dreams of travelling to the North Pole to see the northern lights.




We've grown and currently we have a team of 9 designers and technical agents. We're able to serve you in many areas, promptly and efficiently.

Let us know how we can help you and we will develop a strategy custom made just for your business. A strategy made for growth and prosperity. We’re looking forward to serving you.

The Kingdom Strategic Marketing Team

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